Watch sermons from 2015 here

Sermons are in chronological order from January through December
January 2015
 Series: I Am a Church Member; #IWill
What it means to be a church member

February 8, 2015
Message: A Time for Hope
Guest Speaker: Steve Larson

March 2015
Series: Follow Me
Mission and vision of First Church

Palm Sunday & Easter Sunday 2015
Series: What’s the Diff?
The difference Jesus made

April-June 2015
Series: Victorious
A study in the book of Revelation

Father’s Day 2015
Father’s Day Message

June & July 2015
Series: From This Day Forward
A family series

August 2015
Series: Why?
Answering some tough questions in Christianity

August & September 2015
Series: Back to Church
Getting back to church

September-November 2015
Series: Believe-Think Like Jesus
Part 1 of the series

December 2015
Series: That’s Christmas
Christmas series