Watch sermons from 2016 here

Sermons are in chronological order from January through December
January-March 2016
Series: Believe-Act Like Jesus
Part 2 of the series

March & April 2016
Series: Risen
Based on the movie

April-June 2016
Series: Believe-Be Like Jesus
Part 3 of the series

July & August 2016
Series: Bless Our Home
A family series

July & August 2016
Series: Friend Me
Rediscovering the lost art of friending

September & October 2016
Series: Twisted Scripture
Covering the most misunderstood scriptures

October 2016
Series: Let’s Talk
Politics and our role as Christians

November 13, 2016
Series: Hope and Change
Guest Speaker: Rick Cherok

November & December 2016
Series: The Blessed Life
Living out of our abundance for Jesus

December 2016-January 2017
Series: Jesus-Long Awaited Messiah
Luke series part 1